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Unoccupied house insurance

Unoccupied properties are regarded as great risks: in the case of a natural peril such as flooding or fire, no human intervention is possible, and they are much more vulnerable to burglary and vandalism. If you own a premise that will be left vacant for any length of time, it is therefore important that you seek out an unoccupied property insurance (empty house cover) policy to suit you.

In the case of let properties, the landlord might have just purchased the premises and be waiting for tenants to move in, or be keeping the property unoccupied so that renovation work can be carried out. Whatever the reason, unoccupied property insurance policies are available for both let and residential premises.

If a property is left unoccupied for a prolonged period of time - anything from a couple of months to years - typically it will not be covered by a normal home insurance policy. The reasons for a property being left unoccupied for a length of time are various; in the case of residential properties, the owner(s) might have to work abroad or the property might be up for sale so that the proceeds can be added to the estate of the deceased owner.

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