Home buyers protection

House buying insurance

Home buyers protection (House buying insurance) provided by Insure My House aims to cover all your house moving needs, and is designed to cover the cost of professional fees.

Home purchase

The cover provided, protects you, for pursuing claims arising from a contract for the purchase of the main home against:

  • The seller of the home or the mortgage lender.
  • A property surveyor acting on your or your mortgage lender's behalf.
  • A solicitor or licensed conveyancer.
  • A builder providing a warranty on the home or any domestic appliances.
  • Public utilities providing services to the home.
  • A removal firm contracted to move your possessions.
  • The limit of indemnity provided by the policy is limited to £25,000 any one claim and any one period of insurance.

When taking out home buyers cover ensure you read all the policy documents before your purchase to see the specific exclusions.

Legal helpline

Also included in the home buyers insurance is free accesss to legal advice & assistance. The helpline can provide general advice only and cannot assist with complex legal matters .

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