My house is smaller than a snooker table

by Adrian Waters

We have all read the book where the star of the J.K Rowling's book Harry Potter lives in a small cupboard under the stairs but in the case of Ray Barker this is not in fact far from the story. The home measures just 11ft by 5ft making the total area smaller than that of a snooker table.

But before you write this property off as a £5 a month rental nightmare consider the fact that the property is located opposite London's most prestigious shop Harrods and now prepare yourself for the valuation of the property. A local estate agent recently put a selling price on this flat at a mind blowing £200,000. That means that the property costs £3,305 per square foot, making it one of the most expensive properties per sq ft in the UK.

Mr Baker purchased the property four years ago as a means to get to work more easily as he lives in Bath. He purchased the cubbyhole for £120,000 and if he achieves the selling price that would be enough to put down a deposit on 600-year-old Ballyfinboy Castle, with 2 acres of land, in Ireland.

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